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Zaffrani, a quality-focused company

Quality is a strategic factor to achieve success. Zaffrani complies with the strictest European standards, and goes beyond by guaranteeing constant control of the production processes and meticulously inspecting every tested product before shipment. We are a customer-oriented company, as we strive to meet the customer’s requirements and expectations throughout the entire business relationship.

The best standards, certified by TUV Italia

Zaffrani has obtained the Quality Management System Certification according to standard UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 from TÜV Italia. In particular, the certification refers to the following field of application: design, manufacture, after-sales service for agricultural and industrial machinery and equipment; manufacture of mechanical units according to the customer’s specifications.



Quality is the master key to the world

Periodical inspections and tests conducted successfully allow Zaffrani to not only guarantee that the designing, production, and service processes reach the quality standard targets, but also that we can maintain and improve these standards, thanks to the commitment of every collaborator. Therefore, the Quality Management System Certification, complying with international standards, guarantees reliability to our current and future customers and suppliers.


The Management of F.lli Zaffrani s.r.l. in order to guarantee a product / service based on the maximum satisfaction of its customers, and more generally, of all the parties involved, it defines as the reference principles of its Quality Policy:


Attention focused on the client and on the interested parties:

The Organization undertakes to design, produce and provide assistance for machinery and equipment for agricultural and industrial uses for the national and foreign market, understanding the needs of customers and planning its activities to fully meet the agreed quality standard.

In the same way it operates in compliance with the requests and requirements:

Of the refererred market

The country in which it operates, complying with laws and regulations

Of all the parties involved in their critical processes

Process approach

The Organization identifies its activities as processes to plan, monitor and constantly improve and activate resources for their implementation.

The organization manages its processes so that they are unique:

The objectives to be pursued and the expected results

The related responsibilities and resources used


The Organization assumes responsibility for the effectiveness of its QMS, making available all the necessary resources and ensuring that the planned objectives are compatible with the context and the strategic directions of the Organization.

The Organization communicates the importance of the QMS and actively involves all the interested parties, coordinating and supporting them.

Evaluation of risks and opportunities

The Organization plans its processes with a risk-based thinking approach (RBT) in order to implement the most suitable actions for:

Evaluate and treat risks associated with the processes

Take advantage of and reinforce identified opportunities

The Organization promotes at all levels an adequate sense of proactivity in the management of its risks.

Involvement of personnel and stakeholders

The Organization is aware that the involvement of the staff and all the stakeholders, together with the active participation of all the collaborators, are a primary strategic element.

The Organization promotes at all levels an adequate sense of proactivity in the management of its risks.


The Organization has the permanent objective of improving the performance of its QMS. The preliminary assessment of risks and opportunities related to company processes, internal and external verification activities and management review are the tools that the Organization implements to constantly improve itself. The instrument chosen for the pursuit by the Organization of its Policy is a Quality Management System compliant with the UNI EN ISO 9001 ed. 2015. The Management ensures that this Quality Policy has been communicated, understood and applied within our Organization and is periodically reviewed to ascertain its continuous suitability.



The General Management

Lorenzo Zaffrani