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Zaffrani, a quality-focused company

Quality is a strategic factor to achieve success. Zaffrani complies with the strictest European standards, and goes beyond by guaranteeing constant control of the production processes and meticulously inspecting every tested product before shipment. We are a customer-oriented company, as we strive to meet the customer’s requirements and expectations throughout the entire business relationship.

The best standards, certified by TUV Italia

Zaffrani has obtained the Quality Management System Certification according to standard UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 from TÜV Italia. In particular, the certification refers to the following field of application: design, manufacture, after-sales service for agricultural and industrial machinery and equipment; manufacture of mechanical units according to the customer’s specifications.



Quality is the master key to the world

Periodical inspections and tests conducted successfully allow Zaffrani to not only guarantee that the designing, production, and service processes reach the quality standard targets, but also that we can maintain and improve these standards, thanks to the commitment of every collaborator. Therefore, the Quality Management System Certification, complying with international standards, guarantees reliability to our current and future customers and suppliers.