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The leader specialised in harvesting and drying

Innovation, research, and creativity are the reasons of Zaffrani Group success, Italian leader in designing and manufacturing agricultural machinery, such as dryers and sunflower heads and pick-ups.

Our quality, your results

Zaffrani has always paid special attention to the requirements of the most demanding operators. This is why research and development is very important, as they allow us to manufacture high standard machinery, with tested technology, guaranteeing high performance. We aim at guaranteeing high performance, excellent results and lower operating costs.

A specialist and versatile partner to rely on. A fully Italian-made range, in compliance with the strictest EC directives to meet the requirements of the European market and the strictest International standards. Moreover, Zaffrani is an accredited partner of the most important automotive companies of the agricultural mechanics industry, as it provides customised solutions according to the requirements.


An Italian leader successful in Europe and worldwide

Established in Corridonia (Marche region), Zaffrani has consolidated its presence in the domestic market and has increased considerably its export over a period of ten years. After having increased its distributors network in Europe, the company decided to take on the global market, collecting excellent results in central Asia, Far East, and America.

Serving agriculture with cutting-edge technology.

Zaffrani provides “turnkey” integrated solutions for successful agricultural producers. State-of-the-art machinery of very high quality and specific equipment for harvesting and drying crops. They can optimise the yield of the land, maximise production, and increase the performance of farms in compliance with the environmental and safety standards.

Our passion is our greatest asset

Under the supervision of a specialised and dynamic management, always ready to accept new challenges, our excellent technical/administrative staff and our extensive network of commercial counsellors focused on pre- and after sales service are always at your disposal. For us, every request is important. This is why our expertise and reliability will always be at your service, as demonstrated by our many long-lasting business relationships.