This document is an integral part of the Privacy Policy and the Statement according to  the  article 13 of the  Legislative Decree n. 196/2003 (Privacy Policy). (

This web site uses cookies in order to offer the best web site navigation experience to its users and to optimize its visiting and improve its functionality.


A cookie is a small text file,  generated by the web site and saved in the user’s navigation device (personal computer, laptop, tablet, smartphone etc.), that gets sent back  to the web site during the next visit.


Cookies are necessary to:

  • navigate in secure way on the web site, by supporting or activating security functions
  • customize navigation experience, service to offer and improve the site performance
  • track certain data, in the language of navigation, user name, password or other preferences, in order to have them ready for the next visit, providing with functionalities, information and personal content
  • enable use of certain web site functionalities, as, for instance, access to a reserved area, personal account or use interactive functions
  • collect statistics data, including access information to the web site, applications or devises, as computers or mobile devices, and measure the use and the performance of the web site, in order to optimize navigation experience and provided services

present advertising information, relative in terms of interests and navigation behavior  of the user, supply statistics and advertising performance


Cookies are divided in :

  • TECHNICAL ones, necessary to execute navigation or supply a service required by the user. They are used exclusively for transmitting communications through an electronic network, in the extent strictly necessary for the information service supplier, explicitly required by a subscriber or by a user to provide him/her with such service  (see the  Article 122, comma 1, of The Legislative Degree 196/2003).
  • PROFILE ones, intended to create user profiles which are used in order to send advertising messages, according to web navigation preferences of a user.


Cookies can be installed and used by several entities

  • FIRST-PARTY COOKIES are generated and installed by a web site which is being visited
  • THIRD-PART COOKIES are installed by an entity different from the web site which is being visited  (identifiable by a different domain), who operates through the web site.


At any time a user can deactivate installation and use of the cookies, following the Statement’s  suggestions. In such case the web site may run improperly  or in insecure way.


Cookies retention period may vary and depends on the purpose.

Cookies are divided in:

  • PERSISTENT ones, namely transmitted by the web site and permanently memorized, at least until their cancelation, that allow to offer a customized navigation, for instance, recognizing the user or memorizing some his/her preferences, as a shopping cart.
  • SESSION ones, namely necessary to identify a single visit of the web site. These cookies are temporary (they are not stored in permanent way on the user’s pc and disappear once the browser has been closed); their use is strictly limited to transmitting a session details (made of random numbers generated by the server, necessary to allow secure and efficient web site navigation.


This web site uses the following technical cookies:

  • NAVIGAZION OR SESSION ones, which guarantee a proper navigation and use of the web site
  • ANALYTICAL ones used to collect information on number of users and on how they use the web site in aggregated way, in order to collect statistical data, monitor the web site navigation and improve its performance.
  • FUNCTIONAL ones, which allow to an user to navigate in terms of the selected criteria, in order to improve the service and navigation experience.

These cookies are necessary to allow correct running of this web and to guarantee a safer and more efficient navigation. The web site may run improperly without cookies.

Technical analytical  cookies are used in this web site to collect information on the user’s behavior in anonymous and aggregated way,  therefore they do not acquire the user’s personal details and do not require a specific consent to be installed.


This web site does NOT use cookies to monitor navigation of the users, collect data on tastes, habits,  personal choice that allow profiling of the visitors to assess their behavior.


PHPSESSIDFunctional Cookie Session CookieZaffrani.itIt manages user’s  login for access to the reserved area, keeping the session while navigating the web site. Does not store personal data.Till the end of  browser session
qtrans_cookie_testFunctional Cookie Session CookieIt manages language settings of the web site. It does not memorize personal data.Till the end of  browser session
wfvt_3055590745Functional Cookie Persistent CookieIt  collects information on geographic origin and time zone of an user.For 45 minutes  starting from a setting or an update


__utmaAnalytical Cookie Persistent Google AnalyticsIt is used to distinguish an user or a session The  cookie gets updated each time new data are sent to  Google Analytics.For 2 years starting from a setting or an update
__utmbAnalytical Cookie Session Google AnalyticsIt is used to distinguish new users and sessions, and calculate session duration per page. The  cookie gets updated each time new data are sent to  Google Analytics.For 30 minutes  starting from a setting or an update
__utmcAnalytical Cookie Session Google AnalyticsIt runs together with the cookie __utmb to distinguish new users and session. As a rule, it is used to enable interoperability  with old versions of Google Analytics.Till the end of  browser sessiom
__utmtAnalytical Google AnalyticsIt is used to monitor and regulate  request frequency.For 10 minutes
__utmvAnalytical Cookie Persistent/Session Google AnalyticsThis Cookie is customizable by the site owner and is used to store customized and measurable data referred to a visitor. The  cookie gets updated each time Google Analytics receives new data.(Customized duration) for  2 years starting from a setting or an update
__utmzAnalytical Cookie Persistent Google AnalyticsIdentifies and stores traffic sources, country of the users who reached the web site and the key words they used. The  cookie gets updated each time Google Analytics receives new data.For 6 years starting from a setting or an update

Below you will find the description of the THIRD-PARTY Analytics cookies with the links to privacy policy of the relative Authors.


This web site uses Google Analytics cookies, which are web traffic  analytical service supplied by Google, Inc., to reveal statistics data, to analyze traffic sources and to control web site access and functionality.

These cookies are set to collect information anonymously, by means of deactivation of the options that allow Google Analytics to track the users. Moreover, the tools that allow to  put together and correlate information acquired through other cookies used by Google are disabled.

More information on:


The majority of browsers are set to accept cookies, but it is still possible to set up a browser to refuse cookies or to receive a notification, as soon as a cookie is being sent from your pc.

If the user refuses/disables the web site cookies, some its pages may be not reached and/or may not run correctly (for example, in case of refusal, the user will have to log in each time he/she wants to access to the proper personal account, or it may not be possible to store some preferences, as shopping cart, the next time the user enters the web site).

Refusal/disabling of the first-party technical cookies may cause web site running issues or deteriorate  navigation experience.

Even if the third-part  cookies are not indispensable for the web site running, their refusal/disabling may cause loss of certain function, as statistics information revealing.

It is possible to choose use of cookies on this web site through options and settings of different browsers, you will find below the ones referred to the popular browsers.


  1. Click on Chrome browser tools bar
  2. Select settings.
  3. Click on advanced settings.
  4. Click on Content settings in “Privacy” section.
  5. Modify cookies related settings in “Cookies” section.
  6. To disable all the cookies,  unmark  “allow to save data locally”.
  7. To disable the third-party cookies, mark “block all the third-party cookies, without any exception ”.

For further information:


  1. Click on Tools and select Internet Options
  2. To block or allow all the cookies, click on Privacy and in the Settings section go on the top to block all the cookies or on the bottom to allow all the cookies and click ok.
  3. To block or allow some specific cookies,  click on  Privacy,  go to Privacy section to set up and click

For further information:


  1. Click on Modify  and select  Preferences
  2. Click on Privacy
  3. Go to “Accept cookies from other web sites”, customizing settings relative to exceptions, to the third-party cookies and to duration of cookies storage
  4. For further information:


  1. Select “Preferences” from  “Safari” menu
  2. Click on “Security”.
  3. Click “Always” to accept and store all the
  4. To avoid storing of the cookies from the web sites different from accessed ones click on  “only from the web sites you’re using”

For further information:

For other browser see relative guidelines.  Mobile device browsers, for example, tablet or smartphone ones, may have different settings more limitations concerning cookies management. See relative guidelines to use and configurate them.


This function allows the user to navigate,  without storing information and data in the browser. If such function, available for almost all newest browsers,  is enabled, navigation data will not be stored in the browser, navigation history and cookies will be deleted.

Nevertheless, navigation data will be available for the web site owner and to the connection provider.


in English:


Any modification of this web site, applicable legislation or reference privacy policy may be implemented without prior notice.