main features

The combined and synchronized action of the milking roller and shredder blades leave the field perfectly mowed and ready for eventual sowing. The efficiency of the chopping facilitates the decomposition of the stock left on the ground, favoring the cultivation of the corn itself.

Zaffrani corn headers are universal and adaptable, with simple adjustments, to any type of combine (flange + adaptation kit). The operation of couplings and adjusting the inclination of the header, as well as the installation of the adaptation kit can be carried out indipendently and with extreme ease. Thanks to simple construction principles, the Zaffrani corn header is extremely light. This allows a considerable fuel savings compared to competing machines.

Clean fild, perfect harvest

The combined and synchronized action of the milking roller and shredder blades
leave the field perfectly mowed and ready for eventual sowing

How it works

The construction features of the header with stalk chopper guarantee a clean harvesting field ready for the next sowing, thus avoiding further processing. Product loss is approximately 3%.

step 1

The plant is channeled and transported by chains and worm screws in the milking channel, where the milking rollers are located.

step 2

The action of the high speed blades of the milking rollers lower the plant up to the impact of the corn fruit with adjustable plates and continue their action by pushing the stem into the cutting area of the shredder which reduces the plant into small sections.

step 3

The central roller conveys the corn fruit transported by the chains from the sides to the center of the head, and then push them into the mouth of the combine’s elevator channel. All without the slightest break or loss.


1. blades

They have an extremely important function for the quality of the collection. The material used, enriched with tungsten carbides, is particularly resistant to impacts and has a high resistance to corrosion. They are equipped with a disarming system.

2. milking rollers

The milking rollers equipped with a worm screw, by rotating, constantly convey the plants to the milking channel. The blades applied to the rollers pull the plant down into portions of 7 cm on each turn, pushing it into the working area of the knives of the forage harvester, until the cob is detached from the plant. The drag efficiency of the blades depends on the integrity maintained over time by the cutting section, resistant and coated with tungsten carbides, which offers a high durability to friction corrosion. The distance between the blades can be restored in the event of wear, by moving them closer together.

3. harvesting box

The box of the collection unit, made of cast aluminum is equipped with conical gears made of high strength material and guaranteed over time by surface hardening treatments. The aluminum guarantees maximum lightness, strength and heat dissipation. Each box is protected from work overload or accidental blockage by an automatic reset torque limiter.

4. automatic tensioners

The automatic tensioners in the collection unit constantly exert the right pressure on the sprockets, transmitting the correct tension to the chains. A further action performed by the tensioners is that of protection from overloads or blockages of the chains, caused by accidental blockages.

5. corn heads

Made of particularly wear-resistant material, they guarantee long life and maximum efficiency over time. Thanks to a hydraulic cylinder controlled from the cabin, the operator can decide to increase or reduce their opening in relation to the size of the plant to be worked from 15 to 45 mm, obtaining maximum efficiency in all conditions.

6. conveyor chains

Chains equipped with rostos for hooking plants and transporting cobs do an important job in the group, determining the forward speed of the combine. The particular rounded shape of the rostrum and the adopted step adapt to every size of the cob without causing breakage or leakage.

7. chain support

The chains during the harvesting phase are stressed and moving risk collision with other metal components present in the collection unit. To avoid damages, plates have been installed that act as a seat / support for the chain to slide.



The conveyor roller, equipped with an oil-bath transmission box, with an internal torque limiter, ensures maximum efficiency in transporting the cob to the mouth of the elevator channel, avoiding breakage or grain loss.


Designed and manufactured without angular surfaces, they offer greater sliding of the plant and the cob, ensuring total containment of the product. The internal channels on the side made from a molding process facilitate the sliding of the corn in the working area of the collection units. The polyethylene used to make them, resistant to corrosion by friction, preserves the aesthetic aspect over time and offers a high mechanical resistance to impacts and a marked elasticity.


Fundamental elements for conveying the plants in the harvesting group, the tips have particular characteristics of lightness and resistance combined with a form suitable also for the penetration of tangles caused by lodging.


The hydraulic coupling, controlled by the operator in the cabin, allows the opening of the milking channel plates while it is collecting, avoiding possible clogging or product leakage.


The particularity of the Zaffrani corn header is the double cardan shaft, which distributes the forces in play in a symmetrical manner both to the right and to the left of the frame, eliminating the vibrations caused by the workload of the groups being collected.
The advantages are many:
• Minimizes energy losses;
• Consumes 15% less fuel;
• Dividing the work load to the frame lengthens the life of the machine;
• Allows a high forward speed.


The torque limiter protects the conveyor roller against overloading or accidental blocking, preventing it from being deformed or broken. In addition, it intervenes in the event of material clogs by freeing itself in motion and safeguarding the mechanical parts.


The Zaffrani corn header is equipped with crushing skid stalks, which slipping on the ground, have the function of trampling and tilting in the direction of advance the cut stock at the base of the plant, protecting the combine’s tires from damage that the stubble might naturally create.


Made to facilitate the collection of the header during the working process, it reduces the stem of the plant in small sections, leaving the soil clean when the combine passes. The plant sections lying on the ground subject to weathering over time decompose faster, fertilizing the soil. The shredder equipped with reversible rotating blades and reinforced with tungsten carbide cutting edges, replaceable in complete autonomy, guarantees maximum and continuous cutting efficiency even in the presence of fields with herbaceous weeds. Equipped with a manual disarming system, it offers the operator the possibility of excluding his use.


To facilitate the opening of the tips, the Zaffrani maize header is equipped with gas jacks that make it quick to check all hose operations of control and maintenance of the collection unit.