The Sunflow sunflower header has been designed in such a way that it can be adapted to any type of combine harvester, even after a first configuration. The adaptation kit – depending on the type of conversion – may consist of: coupling flange, transmission block, cardan shaft. It is very important to specify the combine model the header was initially configured for, at the time of the request.


The roller, or milking roller, is positioned under the tips and pushes the sunflower by bending it forward and allowing the plant to always be in the optimal position at the moment of cutting. In this way the dispersion of the product (seeds) is reduced to a minimum and the quantity of waste inside the machine also decreases further.

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Designed to optimize field processing to the maximum, the stalk chopper of the Zaffrani sunflower header cuts the stalk until it is completely destroyed and thus leaves the field completely clean. It is made up of tungsten reinforced and reversible rotating blades that guarantee maximum and continuous cutting efficiency and can be replaced in complete autonomy thanks to their easy disassembly. Its exclusive hydraulic compensation system with which it is installed on the combine allows you to adjust the height of the forage harvester with respect to the position of the sunflower bar.

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