Sunflow Sunflower header

Zaffrani company likes to believe that the Sunflow sunflower header is the leading edge of its products.
The company has understood this over the years, and customers have confirmed it to them over time. The high quality of the materials is guaranteed by regular tests.

Maximum adaptability

Zaffrani sunflower headers are universal and adaptable to any type of combine. Meeting the main quality standards of the market, all the operations of connection and inclination regulation of the header can be carried out autonomously and are extremely simple.

Simple connection

One single move is enough to attach the flange to the combine’s elevator channel. The locking system with levers assures the correct position during processing. The counter-flange allows the adjustment of the tips with respect to the ground.

Clean harvest

The technical characteristics of the Zaffrani sunflower header guarantee the collection of absolutely all sunflower heads, maximising the product selection and minimising the presence of the waste (stalks and leaves) that is left almost entirely on the field.

Dynamism and new challenges are the peculiarities
of the company Zaffrani since its birth

It is an excellent choice, the best, for those who are looking for a cutting-edge and reliable product that respects the environment and that it is safe. Within the Italian company, the technical and administrative staff work to respond to customer requests and are ready to take on new aspects and to develop in every sector and article. The network of commercial consultants operates on the same track, relying on an efficient system of pre and after-sales service.


Stage 1

The sunflower head comes into contact with the protective cover of the feeder reel, which thanks to its position relative to the blade, tilts the sunflower and prepares it for the entry into the working area of the reel, whose position can be adjusted manually, facilitating the sliding of the cut product towards the auger, preventing its dispersion.

Stage 2

The stalk comes to the blade and is cut neatly, which is assured by the efficient alternative box. The esclusive cutting system allows the combine equipped with Zaffrani headers to advance at the speed of 12 km/h with maximum yield. At the same time, the blades of the feed reel push the sunflower head towards the auger.

Stage 3

The cut sunflower heads are conveyed towards the centre of the header and with the help of two toothed blades are introduced into the elevator channel of the combine.


The special constructive shape, the number and the layout of the tips allow to harvest the product regardless of the distance between the rows (row free system), and of the sowing direction. The sunflower row-free header is Zaffrani’s innovation that is being constantly updated and improved.



The rounded side and the shaped side covers allow to easily penetrate the product even in the direction opposite to sowing, allowing the combine to advance at a speed up to 12 km/h.


The torque limiter intervenes in cases of clogging by being set in motion and thus protecting the mechanical parts.


The blade with wide cutting front, also suitable for thicker stalks, is controlled by an alternative box of 700 strokes/minute: this results in a minimum wear of the transmission parts, reduced frame vibrations, the optimisation of cutting and harvesting as a whole. The Zaffrani sunflower headers are supplied with a replacement blade that is conveniently inserted into the header body.


The 3 toothed blades with thrust plates at the right distance from the cutting blade are the advantage of the Zaffrani reel, more efficient and capable of directing the product towards the entry channel of the combine.


The conveyor roller runs at 170 rpm without generating vibrations harmful to the machine and thanks to the minimum distance from the reel, it prevents the product from getting caught up allowing a faster advance, with fewer losses.


The specially designed tips allow the sunflowers to slide towards the machine without tossing and seed loss. The balls welded at the tip soften the contact with the plant so that it is not damaged or shaken but is channeled into the header. The Zaffrani tips are additionally reinforced in the lower part and in the fold point. For some markets characterised by especially tall sunflower varieties we can provide allongated tips (25 cm longer that the standard ones), necessary for a better harvest when the sunflower reaches a height of over two meters.


The transmission box is a mechanism that allows to link the movement between the combine’s elevator channel and the sunflower header. Depending on the combine type, the transmission box can be high or low and is customizable so that the header parts always perform the optimum number of revolutions for harvesting, regardless of the PTO revolutions of the combine.


The Zaffrani sunflower header is equipped with a central fixed net and two lateral nets positioned to protect the mechanical parts. The lateral nets are adjustable in height and have an important function of protecting the operator and to contain the product within the conveyor zone, from the converyor roller to the combine’s channel.