F.lli Zaffrani srl hereby informs you as far as it concerns processing of your personal data.

This statement is  issued, in compliance with the principles of transparency and correctness, as well as the respect for your rights,  pursuant to the  EU Regulations  n° 2016/679 on personal data protection.


The Data Controller is F.lli Zaffrani srl., Via dell’Industria, 159, Corridonia (MC), located in the European Union, which can be contacted as follows: by phone 0733.281385,by email info@zaffrani.it.



The data are acquired directly from you, supplied in case of establishment of a relationship o in case of submission of mutual  enquiries.

The data are acquired directly from you, supplied in case of:

  • management and processing of your requests, including the ones sent via web, related to our products, goods, services and activities
  • signing of contracts, offers, agreements on supply of goods, performance or services
  • requests, establishment or continuation of other relationships, that require use or completion of your personal data

Some personal data may be acquired by other entities, including:

  • IT data, including email address or access logs to the web platforms, used for service management
  • Information coming from the lists managed by public and institutional, insurance, bilateral or equated, entities or controlled by public authorities, in compliance with a specific national legislation


Processing  concerns identity personal data, including personal details, name, surname,  business name, address, email, phone number, tax code and/or further data,  in accordance with the purpose of processing.

The personal data, classified as “specific”,  namely the ones which reveal racial or ethnical  origin, political, religious or philosophical views, as well as membership in the labor unions, genetic, biometric data, intended to  uniquely identify  a physical person, the data related to health condition or sexual life or sexual orientation of a person, are not processed.

The personal data related to criminal convictions  are normally not processed.

Whether there is a need to acquire and process specific data or the data related to criminal convictions and offences,  It’s up to us  to inform you on this, completing the present statement and proceeding with acquisition of the relative  consent, whether  this is a condition for processing commencement and continuation.



We process your identity data (including personal details, name, surname,  business name, address, email, phone number, tax code) with the purpose related and/or connected with supply of our services, sales of our products and execution of the relative contract, pre-contract  relationships and/or similar agreements, i.e.:

  • process and conclude contacts and/or similar agreements
  • comply with pre-contractual, contractual, fiscal obligations and with the relative ancillary services referred to such obligations, deriving from the actual relationships with you
  • manage services provided through our web site www.zaffrani.it , that include collection, retention and elaboration of the data processed in order to establish a relationship, complete a request, and for the relative technical, operative and administrational management, as well as for dispatch of communications needed for providing services themselves
  • manage payments for purchased products/services, relative payment details (including bank or credit card details or other payment tools), eventual auxiliary economic obligations, relative contract, legal, accounting, fiscal, administrative fulfillment.

Moreover, your data may be processed with the purpose related to legal obligations, our Company may be subject to, including:

  • fulfillment of general obligations, required by the law, regulations, Community legislation or by the Authorities and other relevant Institutions orders
  • processing of requests issued by  relevant administration or judicial Authorities and, generally speaking, by public entities, in compliance with the law


Your consent is not required for the mentioned above purpose, since such processing is necessary in order to fulfill law obligations  and the ones deriving from a contract or, before conclusion of a contract, from your specific requests.



Your contact details (as name surname, address, email, phone number) may be used in order to send, directly by us or by our agents, or our sales network  associates, commercial information, promote or advertise, by means of email, snail mail, phone or messengers,  products or  services similar to the matter of an actual relationship with us, with the exception of your dissent, that can be expressed at the beginning or in case of further communications.

Only provided your explicit consent, your data may be processed with further marketing or commercial promotion purpose:

  • send you commercial information, promote or advertise, by email, snail mail, phone and messenger, new products, goods or services supplied by us
  • reveal satisfaction degree on quality of the provided services
  • do the market research, economical and statistical analysis
  • send you by email, snail mail, phone and messenger commercial and/or promotional communications by the third parties (for instance, our commercial partners)


Your personal data may be processed, without your explicit consent, for the purposes related to pursuing our vested interests, including the mentioned above commercial  communications related to actual relationships,  protection  against frauds, evaluation of risks and relevant security measures, data transfer within the Company, statistics aims, fulfillment of IT security obligations, including adoption of procedures to reveal and notify data breach, as well as the processing ensuring execution of the right to object.

For the mentioned above purposes,  the data will be processed in terms of equity, proportion, necessity and minimization principles, preferring aggregated and anonymous form, as far as it is possible.



Processing is carried out by means of procedures and  tools, including IT ones, appropriate to  guarantee privacy, integrity and availability of the data at the extent  to pursue the mentioned above purposes and  with the respect to the adopted by our Company organizational and security techniques.

Your personal data will be processed exclusively by trained and authorized personnel, which have access to your personal data to the extent and in the limit necessary for processing activity.

The data considered  excessive and irrelevant  for  processing purpose, will be cancelled or will be not used, excepting an eventual retention  of  a protocol or a document that contains them,  according to the law.

Transmission of data and information by email, internet and other digital channels ca not be considered totally  secure:  therefore, F.lli Zaffrani  is not able to guarantee  security of the data transmitted through such channels. For  this  reason, any similar transmission is at the risk of the Sender.



The data will be processed during the whole period of a contractual relationship and/or similar agreements, and even further,  due to fulfillment of law obligations and administration purpose,  in compliance with the current legislation,  as, for instance, accounting rules, relationship definition prescribing terms and, anyway, as soon as the rights can be exercised, further terms deriving from an eventual  litigation, if it causes extension of the motioned above terms.

In any case, in order to look after its own interests,  F.ll Zaffrani srl may process your data within the period allowed by the law, as per the article 2947 of the Civil Code.



IT data including access logs to web services and the relative IP addresses, may be saved, in terms of the alleged  and/or revealed risks,  and the adverse consequences that derive from them, excepting  the adopted measures to make the data anonymous or to limit their processing.


The data will be saved starting from revelation of a hazardous event or from a data breach, for a period necessary for notification of the Authorities about the data breach and for adoption of security measures and data recovery.




For marketing and commercial promotions purposes, your data will be saved for the period of maximum 2 years, starting from the data collection, unless you explicitly require to cancel them or withdraw the consent.



As far as it concerns the data necessary to fulfill contractual obligations, agreements between the Parties, as well as obligatory by the law, regulations and the Community legislation, namely  from  the Authorities provisions to the ones legitimized by the Vigilance and Control Bodies, lack of supply of such data will make impossible establishment or continuation of a relationship, as far as such data are necessary to execute it.

As far as it concerns the data, we are not obliged to know, as, for instance, additional information or contact data, supply of such data is optional, and lack of supply of such data will not allow completion or personalization of certain services, as, for instance, dispatch of commercial communications.





The following types of employees of our Company may get to know you data: administration and secretary departments, accounting and invoicing personnel,  product and service sales personnel, employees and associates. All the persons who have access to your data, are properly authorized, trained and bound by privacy obligations.




Your data will be not widespread (for example, put on web), unless there you receive our formal request for that and you grant us your explicit consent.

Your data may be given to:

  • public or private entities who have access to them by virtue of the law, regulations or the Community legislation, within the limits, specified in these norms
  • our consulting entities, within the limits necessary to supply their service to our Company, after the appointment which implies privacy and security obligation.
  • entities that process data for auxiliary purposes related to a relationship with us, i. d. the ones that perform or supply certain services closely related to fulfillment of such relationship (for instance, enveloping, printing and shipments, providers of digital communication or web services)
  • insurance and debt collection companies
  • companies that deal with commercial information and advertising promotions.

Submission of your personal data is exclusively limited to the data necessary for specific purposes they are intended for.


Your personal data will not be transferred to the third parties not belonging to the European Union.

In the framework of fulfillment of the contractual obligations, certain personal data may be transferred to the recipients who are situated outside of the European Union, to the third Societies which take part of the  our Company or provide us with the tools auxiliary for supply of our services.

In such cases data processing is strictly bound to the purpose they have been collected for, and is carried out in compliance with the maximum privacy and security standards, applicable as per the personal data protection laws.

In particular, each time your personal data are the object of an international transfer outside of the European Union, the Data Controller will adopt all proper contractual measures, in order to guarantee a proper protection level of your personal data, in compliance with  the content of the present statement,  i. e. in terms of adequacy or, alternatively, of the contractual standards clauses,  approved by the European Commission.

More information on the data transfer and on the agreements that legitimize it are available by our side, contacting us at the details present in this statement.


At any time you can exercise your  recognized  rights, as per the articles 15-22 of the EU Regulation 2016/679, which are:

  1. ask for a confirmation of existence of your processed personal data;
  2. obtain information concerning the purpose of processing, types of the processed personal data, recipients and recipient types, to whom the data are or will be communicated, the retention period or the useful criteria to define it;
  3. update or ratify persona data, to keep them always exact;
  4. cancel personal data, once they are not anymore necessary for the purpose of processing, whether the law allows it and processing is not justified with a legitimate reason;
  5. limit personal data processing, whether there are conditions for that, including inaccuracy, opposition to processing or illegal processing;
  6. obtain the data portability, whether processing is carried out on a basis of a contract and with the help of automatic tools, e. receive them  in a structured format, of  common use and readable for automatic devices, in order to send them to another data controller as well;
  7. at any time oppose processing , as well as for direct marketing processing or processing carried out by means of automatic decision processes, including profiling;
  8. withdraw consent, whether given for specific processing activities. Withdrawal of consent  does not affect legality of the processing based on the consent executed before withdrawal;
  9. right to submit a claim to the Control Authorities, subject to any other action through administrative or judicial procedure; a claim can be submitted to the personal data protection Authorities. Alternatively, whether there are conditions, including your different residence or a different Member State where a breach of the legislation has occurred,  it can be submitted to the Control Authorities  situated in a different EU country.

In order to exercise these rights you can apply with a request without any formality to the processing Controller, F.lli Zaffrani, whose contact details are given at the beginning of the present statement, and who will proceed without any delay.

If F.lli Zaffrani decides to process the data for further purposes different from the ones mentioned in the present statement, before  proceeding, if necessary, it will provide for obtaining the relative consent.



F.lli Zaffrani srl updates internal politics and procedures adopted for personal data protection whether it is necessary or in case there are organization and legislation modifications relevant for personal data processing.

Each update of the present statement will be available in time and through proper means.